Claire Spencer – Pet, equine and wildlife artist

I am a largely self-taught artist, having always had a passion for drawing, painting and art in general, something I inherited from my dear Nanna. Having spent the last 20 years as a finance professional, I am very happy to have finally escaped corporate life, to focus on my artwork.

I am also a self-confessed animal nut, never happier than when in the company of animals, I currently have two dogs, a cat and a horse myself. When I’m not in the studio drawing or painting, I can generally be found walking the dogs or riding the horse, or just hanging out with them to be honest!

A keen studier of both canine and equine anatomy (I have an Equine Science degree), I believe having a sound understanding of an animal’s physiology, combined with a genuine love of animals, is what allows me to create artwork that is not only realistic, but captures the essence, the real character, of my subjects.

I am very lucky to live in the beautiful North Wessex Downs, where the farm animals and wildlife provide an unlimited source of additional inspiration for my artwork.


“The likeness of Bedley is extraordinary. You’ve captured her very serious nature perfectly. Thank you so much for this cherished piece!” – Melanie L, Bath, UK

“Claire, I absolutely love love love my picture of Indie!! I was sobbing when I opened it. Thank you” – Judith H, Marlborough UK


“Just brilliant Claire. You capture every dog’s personality. This is because of your love and special bond and understanding of dogs and horses, just wonderful” – Anna G, Hampshire, UK

“The finished portrait is absolutely stunning and the perfect image of Bella. I am so pleased with this Claire, thank you” – Karen T, Berkshire, UK

“I am so impressed with this, now it’s arrived. True skill. I would never have the patience to draw this precisely. Absolutely love it. Thank you” – Lindsay R, Edinburgh


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